Monday, March 3, 2014

How To Create Direct Link To Google Drive

If you want to share a file in your Google Drive, the file name will be very long like this : Not only this long URL is impossible to remember but when you open the link, it doesn't show you the related file but open the file in Google Drive Page.

But by using gdURL, you can create direct link to the file and at the same time open only the file so you can easily embed the file on a website. So the above original long link will look short like this : and if you open this link, it will only display the related file. You can also create a download link to the file by adding /download at the end of the URL like this : 

This sample image below is taken direct from Google Drive and made possible to be shown here using gdURL.

And this link here is the example of a download link to the same file.

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