Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free screen recording software

Use CamStudio to record video of your screen activity. Record them in standard AVI or SWF files. You can also add audio to your recordings. With high quality screen caption and easy to use features, you can :
  • Create video demonstration for software program.
  • Creating videos for answering your most frequently asked questions (faq)
  • Create videos for tutorials for school or tricks and techniques for computer technical support team
The best of all is that it is free! Get it here.


Adward said...

I've used Camstudio for quite long time. But one thing always bothers me is that the video quality is not that good and you can only use other program to edit your screen recording video. At last I gave up and got other screen recorder called democreator which allows me to edit screencast with Flash object and publish in a variety of video format. Free is alway welcome but sometimes I have to think over if it could help me to finish my work.

Hope to learn more free thing on your blog and listen to your guitar play :)

mrnoble said...

Thanks dude, I'll try the software and maybe post an entry here when I have the time :)

Currently I'm putting my guitar 'on a hiatus' :)

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