Friday, October 1, 2010

How to plan your backpacking world trip

Before you start your world trip, you may need to look at Hello Backpacker to help you get a head start of the trip. The site is setup into several categories :

  • GET INSPIRED - Contain materials from travel videos, screen saver, travel articles, books and movies.
  • PLAN YOUR TRIP - Contain backpacker's toolbox that includes checklists, templates, FAQs and practical advice. Crowd recommendations to see where other people who picked those destinations usually visits. Compare price levels between countries. Informations on power plugs (voltage, frequency, plug type) from around the world.
  • ON THE ROAD - Common hand gestures and what it means in those country, usually differs from one another. Create currency card for currency conversions. Emergency card that you can create for yourself.
  • BACK HOME - Travel map to mark countries that you have visited and want to go. Profilling your travel preferences and be able to find out suggestions on where to travel next.
  • DISCUSS - Forums to discuss your travel experiences and share with others.
It is quite a complete site for travelling despite of their site name. Organize your trip by going to their site here.

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ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

saya pun suka travel..hehehe

IntanBerlian said...

huhu bygkanlah tak cukup duit.stranded! haha

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

aku suka travel tp jarang travel....hehe

Amni said...

Ada hati ni nak travel pegi korea....*wink*

Tempat lain ramai kot yang solat Jumaat. Kalau kat Kuching tu, orang lebih ramai solat jumaat kat Masjid Bahagian....=)

AngahSayang2314 said...

wah... angah pun nak travel la... hehehe

gadisBunga said...

looking forward to a roadtrip to australia. yeehaa!

teddyuna said...

waaa.. best kan travel2 ni.. tapi study agi jarang travel.. tapi selalu shopping hehe

Ed said...

should get RTW ticket. STA sell them. and also travel insurance. very important

nabilah_2908 said...

belum berkemampuan lagi nak travel...teringin nk tgk negara masanya masih belum sesuai lagi.. :)

jom ke APA KATA HATI pulak,

makdara TERdiva said...

mcm tau2 jer MDT nak travel ujung tawun ni..heheh!..

Solihin Zubir said...

cara2 nak packing barang g travel ada x? hehe..

hamzah ian said...

wa... hehehe

Mr Noble said...

ciK LyndaWawa igUana,
me too! :D

haha! jgn la sampai camtu :D

kalu camtu travel la lama2 :D

apsal pegi korea? pengaruh drama korea eh? :p

tp masjid jamek tu besar, tpt parking kete pon byk. selesa kat situ :D

travel elok2 ok :D

wau! road trip! sounds fun to me! :D

student slalu travel time cuti sem, shoping time takde kelas. haha! :p

what's RTW and STA?
yup. should get those travel insurance too. thanx :D

tu la, kene plan elok2 kalau nak travel ni :D

makdara TERdiva,
akak nak gi mana tu? :D

Solihin Zubir,
sumbat je sume dlm 1 bag. haha! :p

hamzah ian,
ko bleh terbang, so takde masalah la nak travel2 ni kan? :p

HonEyBuNNy said...

jom ramai2 g travel..hehehe

Aini Naz said...

between NY and Florida. mna 1 best?tgh planning ntuk winter break. hehe

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

aku nak buka travel agensi la cm ni

Mr Noble said...

yeay! ila belanja :D

Aini Naz,
dua2 tak penah pegi. haha! :p

ok la tu, nnti bleh dpt diskaun :D

kak ina mail said...

senangnya nak pergi travel.belum cukup duitlah, teringin nak pergi jepun, tapi matawang tinggi.

afams-chan said...


salam..just drop by

Mr Noble said...

kak ina mail,
kene prepare betul2 kalau nak travel ni. takpe, kumpul duit byk2 dulu pastu baru pegi :D

salam. thanx 4 dropping by :D

Liliyuli said...

best ni..nak try la..tahun depan sy nak pergi bali...huhuhu

Aini Naz said...

saya pun! haha
btw, dh decided: florida :P

Mr Noble said...

haha! sblom gi bali kene dgr ni dulu tau! :D

Aini Naz,
bleh la jumpa flo rida :p

ILA HAFIZ said...

nice info..thanx

Mr Noble said...

ur welcome. have a great trip! :D

travelprotecta said...

Wow so nice! I like this site.Keep it working every day.

Annual Holiday Travel Insurance

Mr Noble said...

hey thanks. i try my best ok :)

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